Why Blair Lamont

We’re New But Not Novices

Blair Lamont Publishing is all about providing you with a high quality, non cookie-cutter and a very results focused publishing experience. We definitely aren’t the first to do this (like others claim), or the best to do it (like others claim) but we just might be the perfect match for your publishing goals. We pride ourselves on providing you with an easy to understand, easy to access and easy to use publishing process. We keep things very simple, very cost effective and very YOU.

What makes us different?

We Offer One Price

No more confusing pricing packages. Everything is included in one price.

You Get 100% of Your Net Profits

We don’t own your published book, you do. So all profits are all yours.

You Get 100% Creative Control of Your Book

We help you publish your book the way you want to do it. That simple.

Self-Publish Your Book In

4 Simple Steps


We talk with you to establish a publishing plan for your book.


After the book is written we edit, design and create your book.


Next, we develop a promotion campaign to increase book sells.

Selling & Fulfillment

Lastly, we manage the sells & distribution of your book.