Complete Self-Publishing

About This Publishing Package

The Complete Self-Publishing package is for those looking to have us complete the self-publishing process for you but you aren’t interested in having us manage your sells, process your orders or do any additional marketing for your book after it is launched.

Below is a breakdown of everything this package includes:

Author Accountability

The hardest part of becoming an author is finishing your book. We make sure to hold you accountable so that you can truly become a published author. Our accountability coach will make sure that you finish your book on schedule.

Professional Book Editing

Here at Blair Lamont Publishing we believe in excellence. Our all inclusive professional copy editing services will ensure that your book comes out fully polished so that your readers can enjoy your work of art.

Professional Cover Design

They say not to judge a book by its cover…don’t listen to those people. We know first impressions are everything so we will make sure that your book has a high quality and custom cover design.

Ebook Conversion

We will make sure that your book is compatible with amazon kindle, ibooks, Google play and nook. That way anyone with a mobile device can enjoy your book.

Ebook Distribution

Whether you are interested in selling your ebook on amazon kindle or Barnes & Noble…or both, we will make sure that your book is registered with all of the major online ebook sellers.

Print On Demand

While partnering with us, we will connect you with our print-on-demand book distributor. That way, you don’t have to purchase bulk orders of your book…instead, print a book when a customer buys a book. You can choose from paperback and hardcover among other choices.

Shipped Directly To Customers

Also, that same print-on-demand book distributor provides shipping for you. As soon as an order comes in, get it printed and shipped straight to your customer. No more storing boxes of books in your closet.

Pre-Launch Book Marketing

From experience, we’ve learned that writing the book is only the first step. A step that doesn’t really matter if you can’t sell it. We make sure to prepare and plan a book launch marketing campaign so that your book can truly been seen by those who need to buy it.

Customized Website

If you do your research, you’ll find that this feature is pretty rare for the price. We will actually build you your very own custom SEO friendly website so that your book has its own home. This keeps you in complete control of your book at all times.

Assignment of ISBN

To legitimize your book, we will make sure to assign you with an International Standard Book Number (ISBN). It’s the little barcode and 13-digit number on the back of most books.

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